Beauty Blender Cleaning Tips!


I was just watching a YouTube video from Zabrena about cleaning beautyblenders, and I was so curious if it would work or not, so I decided to give it a try!

My beautyblender was horrible. It was dirty, full of foundation, and streaked my makeup. I tried cleaning it with brush cleaner, but nothing helped. I was getting ready to get a new one when I saw her video! I gave it a try and it changed my entire cleaning routine. Here’s what you need:

  • Oil (she suggests avocado, coconut, jojoba or olive…I use olive)
  • Soap (she uses Dr. Bronners, but I use brush soap or baby shampoo)
  • Water
  • Dirty beautyblender

Rub oil into the beautyblender (yes, I mean it!), which will loosen the stains. This takes a bit of oil, and a bit of time, but it really works! Once all the stains seem to be out (or almost out), rub soap into the sponge to remove all the oil from the sponge. Rinse with water to get the soap out….Aaaaaannnndddd…


IMG_20160508_155651 (1).jpg

Isn’t it gorgeous?! It works so much better now. I am in love with this easy method! Thanks Zabrena πŸ˜€

P.S. – Her YouTube channel is Zabrena, and her Instagram is zabrenaxo πŸ™‚

What do you use to clean your makeup sponges? Have you tried this method or do you use a specific sponge cleaner? If you tried this, how did it work for you? Let me know in the comments!

How to Be an Awesome Customer

Hey everyone!

So I am super sorry that I haven’t posted in forever, I’ve been so busy with work. I decided that since millions of Americans (along with me) work in retail, that I’d do a special post dedicated to working retail. I know it doesn’t have much to do with my regular posts, but for any of you who work retail, hopefully this will be somewhat relatable πŸ™‚

PLEASE understand that I am just one person, but these tips are just coming from a cashier who deals with hundreds of customers a day. These tips are mostly for treating people you talk to when you’re in a store/office/shop, such as baristas, cashiers, and secretaries, but obviously most of these are just common courtesy.

Number 1: Machine or Human?

Please, please, PLEASE say hello. Ask us how our day is going. Trust me, it really means a lot if you just give us 2 seconds to say “I’m doing great, thanks!” It makes us feel less like a machine and more like a person. We don’t feel the need to share our life story with you, but we do want to feel acknowledged for the fact that we’ve been standing on our feet for 7 hours and have said the same speech to 25 people in the last 15 minutes. And if you shop there often, when you recognize us and go to our line, it means even more. Trust me, we remember you, too! Be sure to leave a good impression.

Number 2: To Store Card or Not to Store Card, That is the Question

If you are shopping in a store like Target, Kohls, or Nordstrom (that has a specific store card), when the cashier (or other employee) begins talking about the store card, please don’t cut them off. Listen to their spiel, because they need to say it, and then turn them down pleasantly. If you say, “NO AND I DON’T WANT IT” as soon as we start talking to you, it really makes the whole transaction horrible.

Number 3: When Store Policy Isn’t YOUR Policy

If you ask for something and the cashier says, “I can’t. I’m sorry, it’s policy,” PLEASE do not get angry with them. We don’t create the policies, and the fact is, if you go to anyone else in the store, they’ll probably tell you the same thing. NEVER say “I got it last time,” or “Maybe I’ll just go to Customer Service,” because you really won’t get anywhere with that. I promise.

Number 4: Please Keep Children 10 and Under By Your Side at All Times

Please take control of your children. Do not let them run wild in the store, tearing up displays and dripping their smoothie all over the floor. Don’t let them push the wrong buttons on the card reader and mess up the transaction. Don’t let them sit on the conveyor belt. Your transaction and your store trip will be much quicker and much more pleasant if you watchΒ them.

Number 5: Common Courtesy Guidlines

Finally, please be respectful.

  • If our lane light is off, ask us if we’re open, and don’t complain if we’re not.
  • If you spill something, tell us! We can clean it up, but we need to know where it is.
  • If you know you’re going to take a while (multiple forms of payment or lots of coupons), tell us so that we can direct people to other lanes.
  • Don’t take more than a few seconds to decide what you want to order if there are people behind you in line.
  • Respect our space and don’t try to lean over and scan or bag your own items.
  • Don’t flirt with the employees.
  • Don’t ask us to break a $100 bill at 8 in the morning.
  • Don’t ask for 40 $1 bills or 5 rolls of quarters, we’re not a bank!
  • If the total is over $5, don’t pay us in coins just because you don’t want to break that $20 bill.
  • Don’t swear or yell at us.
  • Don’t put the items you don’t want on random shelves.
  • And please don’t come up to the register or try to order food while on your phone.

Just be polite, and I promise you will enjoy your shopping experience more, and we will too!

Do you work in retail/food service? What are your pet peeves? Which one of these is the most important to you? Let me know in the comments!

BTW, if you work in retail, check out @retailprobz on Instagram and!

YouTube Made Me Buy It: Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask

Hello everyone! It is time for another “________ Made Me Buy It!” This time, YouTube made me buy the K-Beauty Bubble Clay Mask from Elizavecca. Read on for the review!


What it is and why I bought it:

This mask is definitely a fun, gimmicky product, as it turns into foam on your face! Other than the label, there is no english on it, so the correct application is mostly up to you. I have seen people say it’s good for removing makeup or for cleansing pores, but I think it probably has a few other benefits as well. However, I was a bit skeptical, even though I saw a lot of YouTube videos with people saying how much they liked it. I figured I’d give it a try and I am happy to tell you that I am in love with it and I am so very pleased that I bought it!

How much?

I got mine off of Amazon for between $10 and $12.

What it looks like:

When you open the container, you see an inside lid that holds a small spatula, and once you remove the lid, you see the grayish green product. My favorite way to apply it is to scoop a bit of product onto my hands and spread it on my face. It bubbles quite rapidly, and applying it with your hands instead of with the spatula keeps it from bubbling before you’re done. It has a really refreshing smell, and feels cool on your face, so it’s great after a hot summer afternoon or a long day at work.

What it does:

Once spreading it on your face, it starts to bubble immediately. It tickles horribly, but leave it on, I promise it’s working! Remove after about 5 minutes, or after it has bubbled quite a bit. Definitely use a washcloth to wash it off, because the bottom layer (that has not turned into foam yet) is harder to get off and is quite sticky. I love to use it a few times a week to remove my foundation and cleanse my pores. My skin has been a lot happier when I use this and my other mask (from Ulta, I’ll do a review soon!) a few times a week!

Should you get it?

It’s a really great product to remove face (NOT eye) makeup or to do a deep cleanse. It DOES irritate some skin types. Mine is somewhat sensitive and combo/dry, and it doesn’t irritate my skin at all or dry it out. It did irritate my sister’s skin, so I would suggest giving it a test run with a patch test before covering your entire face with it, and remove if it starts to burn. Most skin types shouldn’t be irritated with this mask, though.

I would suggest giving it a try if:

  • You are looking for a quick mask to cleanse your skin or remove makeup.
  • You do not have extremely sensitive skin.
  • You are looking for a fun, Korean beauty product to try.
  • You don’t want to spend a lot of money on skincare.
  • You don’t have overly dry skin (it doesn’t seem to dry skin out but it’s not very hydrating).

Overall, I think it’s a great mask that I will enjoy thoroughly and possibly even repurchase! It’s reasonably priced and, as long as you apply moisturizer afterwards (as you should after applying any mask), good for most skin types.

Have you tried this mask? If so, how did you like it? What is your favorite K-Beauty product? What is your favorite mask? Let me know in the comments!


e.l.f. Daily Hydration Moisturizer

Hi everyone!

Sorry it’s been so long since my last post, I’ve been super busy this spring! I have quite a few new products that I’ve collected these past few weeks and this is one of many reviews to come! This review is on one of the new e.l.f. products, the Daily Hydration Moisturizer. I didn’t have high hopes for this product because e.l.f. can be pretty hit-or-miss, but I was pleasantly surprised. E.l.f. has definitely been stepping up its game, and I am really enjoying the new products! I can’t wait to try some of the other recently released makeup as soon as it gets back in stock online. Read on for the full review!


This moisturizer comes in a light blue bottle with a pump (YAY) to dispense the product. It comes with about 2.5 ounces of product, which is really generous for a nice moisturizer that’s under $10!

What the website says:

This lightweight, lightly scented moisturizer helps hydrate and nourish for glowing, healthy looking skin. Infused with Purified Water and skin-nourishing Jojoba, Aloe, Vitamin E and Cucumber to help soothe and protect the delicate skin area. Rich in antioxidants such as Shea Butter, Grape and Orange.Β 

Being a water-based moisturizer makes me very happy, as I am trying to regain the moisture I lost in the winter! It’s perfect for my combo/dry skin, because it gives me a dewy glow without feeling greasy. This definitely hydrates well!

What it feels like:

This is a wonderfully light moisturizer. It feels like a gel, almost like the Belif Aqua Bomb (which is approximately $38 for nearly half the amount of product), even though it is white like a lotion. Easy to spread around your face without excessive tugging (like with a thick cream) and two to three pumps is sufficient for all night (or day).

What it’s good for:

This is definitely something perfect for any skin type, because it isn’t oil based, nor is it too light (for dry skin). It’s gentle enough for sensitive skin, too. I’d recommend to anyone!

What it’s NOT good for:

Deep hydration. If you’ve got desert dry skin, go for something like Cetaphil, a higher end moisturizer, or a doctor-prescribed lotion. This will definitely hydrate skin that just needs a little exfoliation and a good moisturizer to get rid of dryness, but it’s not good for anyone with seriously dry skin.

Specifics you may want to know:

  • Water is the very first ingredient
  • Approximately $8
  • Gel-like feel
  • Makes skin look very dewy and hydrated
  • Light enough to use every day and heavy enough for nighttime use
  • Pump dispenser

Would I recommend it?

Absolutely! I will repurchase as soon as I begin to run out. It’s available at some Targets, possibly Walmart, and online at Give it a try!

That’s it for this post, hope you enjoyed! I promise I’ll be back for more reviews on things like the new Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche lipsticks and the Tartelette Tease Eyeshadow Palette! Oh, and a very special, cult-favorite mascara πŸ™‚

How did you like this post? Have you tried any of e.l.f.’s new products? If so, how did you like them? What skin type do you have and what moisturizer is your holy grail? Let me know in the comments!

High End Makeup Review: theBalm CabanaBoy Blush

Hi everyone!

Ever since I got a sample of theBalm’s FratBoy in my November Birchbox, I was dying to try the other ‘Boy’ blushes. DownBoy was the one I was hoping to try next, but I just couldn’t bring myself to pay $21 for it. I was looking around Amazon the other day, though, and found that all three blushes were on sale, but only CabanaBoy was $12. I did a little happy dance, as I had been wanting to try CabanaBoy as well, ordered it soon after and it just arrived! I was a bit concerned that it might not be authentic (you never know ordering from Amazon) but I was very pleased to open my package and see that it seems to be the real deal! I wanted to share a quick review with you all because this blush IS worth it! Read on for photos, swatches, and more!

This is a very, very large product for the price – it’s typically around $21 (though I got mine for $12!) for 0.3 oz., while NARS blushes run about $30 for 0.16 oz. It’s a beautiful dusty rose/berry with the finest shimmer imaginable – it doesn’t look shimmery on the face, just glowy. You definitely don’t have to worry about glitter face with this one. This is extremely pigmented. I mean, extremely. I tap my brush in it and it is WAY too much. I have to literally tap my brush, shake it off, tap it on a towel, and then apply it to my face. Plus side? It’ll last me forever! I am very fair, however, so if you are darker-skinned, this will probably be perfect for you. I was a bit worried that it would turn out to be a bit too dark for my ghostly white skin, but I was pleasantly surprised that if you use a light hand, it looks really pretty, exactly like the color your cheeks turn when you actually blush. I have found that FratBoy is the same way, so theBalm seems to do a really great job with making natural-looking blushes! It blends in well as long as you apply translucent or regular powder before applying this. It also works well for a really easy contour – use a tiny bit of this under your cheekbones like bronzer to create a rosy shadow. But the amazing thing about this? All of theBalm’s blushes double as shadows, but this one REALLY looks fantastic as an eyeshadow. It gives the perfect rosy smoky eye that looks great on any skin tone. Seriously, one of the best blushes I’ve tried. I love Wet ‘n Wild’s purple ombre blush if I’m feeling trendy, but for a natural, rosy flush, this is perfect. Swatches below! The three finger picture was with one run through of the blush, and the arm swatch was with about 3. As you can see, it’s quite pigmented and has the tiniest amount of shimmer, though it just looks glowy on the skin.

You may want to purchase this if:

  • You are looking for a rosy, berry-toned, powder blush.This should work for almost all skintones, depending on how much or how little you put on.
  • You don’t necessarily want a matte blush. This reduces the need for highlighter, as it gives skin a radiance, which is a plus!
  • You want a high end product, but you want a good deal too.
  • You want a worthwhile blush that will work all year round – through fluctuating skintones, weather, and seasons.
  • You are okay with a cardboard, magnetic-closure package – this isn’t as sturdy as the NARS blushes, but it is pretty well packaged.

Overall, I highly recommend this blush. Perfectly natural and great for even very fair-skinned people like me! I love FratBoy as well, and I’m sure DownBoy is just as wonderful – so give one (or all three) of these blushes a try…I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

Have you tried this blush? If so, how did you like it? What’s your favorite blush? Do you prefer drugstore or high end blushes? What blush colors do you like the best? Let me know in the comments!


INSTAGRAM MADE ME BUY IT: Nivea Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm

Hey everyone! So I decided that I am going to do a new post series called “_____ made me buy it.” It may be from YouTube, Sephora/Ulta reviews, Instagram, or a friend’s suggestion. This time, Instagram made me buy the Nivea Men’s Sensitive Post Shave Balm. Oh my goodness, the hype. Post after post after post was a closeup photo of this product, saying how wonderful it was…and I couldn’t stand it any longer. I had to go get it! So I went to my local Target and picked it up. In case you have absolutely no idea what the shave balm is supposed to be used for, and you’re thinking, “how is men’s shave balm important for makeup?!”, it is supposed to work as a primer. The second ingredient in it is glycerin, which helps makeup stick to the skin. Now that you know, let’s get on to the review!


This is approximately $5-$6 at my local Target, your price may vary. When you first open it, it smells like a really light cologne. It’s not a heavy, headache-inducing smell, and I like it, but if you hate the smell of men’s soap or cologne, this might be a bit too much for you. The smell dissipates within aboutΒ 30 minutes. As you can see in the photo above, there is no drying alcohol and the ingredients seem to be non-irritating. It is a HUGE 3.3 fluid ounces, which is literally 10x more product than the travel size of the Hourglass Veil Primer, which is $18. So, you’re getting a lot of product! It comes in a glass bottle, which is good and bad at the same time, as the bottle is nice, but there is no pump! Oh well. A little goes a LONG way when you apply this, a nickel-quarter size amount will cover your whole face. Once you apply it, allow it to dry a little while and do not apply moistuizer immediately before this, as it will cause this to pill up. It smooths very well and your makeup will apply nicely over it. It may take a day or two for you to get used to the formis ula, smell, and texture, but once you do, I think you’ll really love it. It definitely was worth the $5 or $6 and is one of those products made for men that is a HG product for women πŸ™‚ You’re getting a great deal and I definitely suggest taking a break from your high end primers to give this a try, maybe you’ll end up loving it!

Have you tried this primer? How did you like it? Is there a product made for men that you absolutely love? What is your HG primer? Let me know in the comments!

Review: Maybelline Matte Lipstick in 665, ‘Lust for Blush’

Hi everyone! I thought I would share a quick review with you because I picked up this lipstick on a whim a while ago, and absolutely loved it from the get-go. It’s the Maybelline Matte Lipstick in 665, ‘Lust for Blush.’

I’ve been really into matte lipsticks lately, but the problem with matte formulas is that they tend to be cakey and drying. This lipstick, however, goes on smoothly and doesn’t seem to be very drying. There are many, many different colors from this specific lipstick line, but I am in love with this color. It’s different from any lipstick I’ve ever tried, but it’s exactly what I have been looking for. It’s a raspberry toned mauve that looks especially nice on light skin tones. You could almost get away with calling it a nude, as it is extremely natural looking once it is on your lips. I wrote a review about Essence’s Lipstick in 03, ‘Come Naturally,’ and said that it was almost what I was looking for – a nude-mauve color. This fits the bill even better, as Come Naturally was a touch too light for what I was looking for. However, it’s a beautiful nude and I highly recommend anyone with a fair skin tone to try it! It’s very hard to find a nude for fair skin that doesn’t make you look dead (am I right?!), and Come Naturally is perfect for that. You can read my review here. Back to Maybelline, Lust for Blush is in the same color family as Come Naturally but is a good 2 shades darker. It’s especially beautiful for spring. As it is from a drugstore brand, it is very reasonably priced, I believe I spent about $6.50 on mine. I will be trying more colors from this line as the formula is perfect!

You may want to purchase this lipstick if:

  • You are looking for a non-drying matte lipstick.
  • You want an inexpensive product.
  • You are not looking for a 24 hr lipstick, because this is not – it will wear off throughout the day.
  • You want to choose from a wide variety of colors or are looking for a medium toned raspberry mauve.



Isn’t it a beautiful color? I think so. Hope you try it out and love it as much as I do!

Have you tried this product? If so, how did you like it? Do you prefer matte, satin, or gloss finishes? Do you like Maybelline’s lip products? Let me know in the comments!


January Favorites

Hello everyone!

I know, I know. I’m late again for my monthly favorites post. I promise I’ll try to get it out sooner for February! This month was a good month. I found some products that I think will be favorites for months to come πŸ™‚


Makeup Remover: Garnier Bi-Phase Micellar Cleansing Water:

This product is amazing! It removes waterproof mascara with less rubbing and irritation than makeup wipes. It has no scent or alcohol. It’s also so nice to remove lipstick! The downside is that you need to use cotton rounds, which can be annoying, but it’s a long term budget-friendly option, as makeup wipes can get pretty pricey! It does leave a slight oily residue, but you really should rinse or wash your face after taking off your makeup πŸ™‚ 8/10 stars, approximately $8.

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water:

This is one of my absolute favorites. I purchased the travel size, and then I even bought the full size, I liked it so much! You can see my full review here, but in short, it’s a wonderful primer, setting spray, and makeup refresher. It makes your skin look hydrated and fresh. It’s easy to use and a very worthwhile purchase! 9/10 stars, approximately $16-$32.

Peripera Ah Much Real Cushion Blusher in Lively Lavender:

This was one of my K-Beauty purchases from Birchbox, and I am absolutely in love with it. It looks so natural, because it’s actually a really pretty light pink, not purple like the name suggests πŸ™‚ The light lavender undertone makes it really flattering on fair skin. It’s fun to apply, compact, comes in adorable packaging, and is relatively budget-friendly. There are also other colors, but for fair to light-medium skin, I recommend this one! 9/10 stars, approximately $16.

Hard Candy ‘Glamoflauge’ Concealer in Ultra Light:

I have a full review on this here, but for those of you who just want a summary, it’s a medium to full coverage concealer that is super thick and creases in dark circles, but is fantastic for blemishes, rosacea, dark spots, tattoos, etc. The shade range is pretty nice, Ultra Light is a really good color for me (I’m extremely pale, and the lightest shade in concealers is usually too dark for me). This is a fantastic, budget friendly concealer that is wonderful for covering up acne spots. 9/10 stars, approximately $7.

Essence All About Vintage Eyeshadow Palette:

This is one of my very favorites. Essence has finally arrived at Target, which makes me very happy (as I shop at Target quite often), and Target has many of Essence’s new items! This palette has green, olive, brown, nude, and gold shades, which is just what I was looking for. It’s really flattering and the colors are easy to work with. The pigmentation is absolutely AMAZING, especially for a drugstore palette, and the colors blend beautifully. Fallout is minimal. I am planning on trying many more of these palettes, probably the Roses palette next. I highly recommend this, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed! 9/10 stars, approximately $7.

IPKN Flash Cream Radiance Primer:

I love this! I got it as a sample in my Birchbox and fell in love with it immediately. It can be used as a non-glittery (YAY) highlight or as a primer. I love it for both! (I did find a drugstore dupe for this, which will be the subject of my next Splurge or Save!) This is definitely worthwhile, though, as it makes skin look dewy and fresh without looking shimmery or overly made up. I love the fact that it doesn’t have glitter in it, as most radiance primers tend to have at least a little bit. It’s a really fantastic sample and feels so smooth on the skin. 9/10 stars, approximately $28.

e.l.f. Lip Glow:

This is along the same lines as Dior’s Lip Glow, as well as many other makeup lines with a pH adjusting lip product. It looks extremely pale and sheer in the tube, but when it’s on your lips, it turns into a bright, punchy pink that is perfect for spring. It’s definitely a bit more expensive than most e.l.f. products, but it’s a really nice lipstick and turns into such a pretty color. Definitely glad I picked this up! 8/10 stars, approximately $6-$7.

The Original beautyblender:

Now this has totally transformed my makeup routine! My makeup goes on smoothly, looks natural, and blends flawlessly. I can even blend highlight and contour! I’m obsessed. Yes, I know it’s expensive, but it’s 100% worth it. Birchbox even has a sampler that comes with 4 samples and a beautyblender for only $20 ($50 value), so you’re practically getting the samples for free! It is unfortunately unavailable at the time, but it will hopefully come back! Definitely something that I will continue to purchase, as I haven’t tried anything quite like this wonderful sponge before. 10/10 stars, approximately $20.

That’s it for this post! I did leave out a few products because I am planning to do special posts for them. The products I left out are: NYX Brow Mascara, L’Oreal Magic Lumi Primer, Maybelline Matte Lipstick, Maybelline Matte and Poreless Foundation, and Nivea Men’s Post Shave Balm (yes, it really does work as a primer!).

What did you think of my favorite products this month? Have you tried any of these? If so, what did you think of them? Let me know in the comments!


January 2016 Birchbox

Hi everyone!

I’m sorry I haven’t been posting much lately, now all my catch-up posts will be coming at the same time πŸ˜› Anyway, today is my January 2016 Birchbox post! This month’s box was very fun, especially because it came with stickers to customize it! Read on for the review πŸ™‚


I picked the “gratitude” sticker. There are quite a few other options such as “ambition” and “risks.” Let’s get started on the samples!

Harvey Prince “Bailando” Perfume:

First of all, this is a spray bottle, which is great. It’s a somewhat spicy, Oriental-ish scent, with a bit of musk and floral. It’s really nice for evening, and fall/winter. I definitely wouldn’t say it’s a daily, spring scent! Oh well. I do enjoy it, and it’s always nice to have extra perfume samples laying around for special occasions. 6/10 stars. Full size is approximately $28-$57 (there are different sizes).

Eyeko FAT Liquid Eyeliner:

This is a really well pigmented, felt-tip liner. It’s great for beginners but is nice for anyone, as you just sweep it on and go! The line is relatively thick (hence the name, there’s a skinny liquid liner by Eyeko as well). I haven’t worn it throughout the day yet, though I did read some reviews that said that it smudged during the day. I swatched it on my hand, though, and wore it throughout the day – it didn’t smudge or fade through washing my hands and doing everyday activities, so I can’t give you a definite verdict on the smudging πŸ˜› This sample is full-size, which is a great plus! Overall, a nice liner that will get a bit of use. 8/10 stars. $16 full size.

IPKN Radiance Primer:Β 

This was my sample choice and I am so glad I picked it. It’s a fantastic primer that can even make matte foundations look gorgeous and radiant! It can be used as a glowy, NOT GLITTERY highlighter as well. I was considering getting the full size and then came across a fantastic dupe, watch for my next Splurge or Save post :D! However, I think that it is still a worthwhile purchase, as it is just so beautiful and glowy and smooth. Plus, it’s not glittery! I highly recommend. 10/10 stars, approximately $28 full size.

Shiseido Ultimune Eye Concentrate:

This is a nice sample size but is definitely directed toward an older age group, so it’s not a very good choice for a lot of people (especially with the hefty price tag!). However, it is supposed to help with dark circles, so I am giving it a try! I haven’t noticed a huge difference so far, but I haven’t been using it very consistently. It’s nice to have an eye cream every once in a while, so I like the sample, but I would NEVER purchase the full size (it’s so expensive!). It is a very comfortable serum and comes with quite a bit of product in the sample size. Definitely will use it up! 7/10 stars. Approximately $65 full size.

Whish Body Butter:

I get a lot of lotions and body butters from Birchbox, but I don’t mind, especially with my dry skin! Also, Whish is a new brand I’ve been really wanting to try, so I was pleased to see this in my box. I was hoping for any scent other than the Lavender, which is what I got, but it actually smells pretty good. The scent seems to be floral-y and sweet, mixed with lavender. It’s actually really nice. The sample size is nice but there’s not a lot of product in it. I’d love to try more of Whish’s products, as this pleasantly surprised me. 7/10 stars. Approximately $24 full size.

BONUS SAMPLE: Kerastase Resistance Bain Force Architecte Shampoo

This was my bonus, one-time-use sample. I didn’t include it in the pictures because I already used it πŸ˜› Obviously, for a shampoo, one use isn’t enough to tell if I liked it or not, but it did seem pretty nice. Unfortunately, it’s extremely expensive, so I won’t be purchasing it again. It was nice to see that Birchbox added a bonus sample, though, as I have been subscribing since November! 6/10 stars. Approximately $40 full size.

This month’s Birchbox was pretty nice. I’m going to give it a solid 8 stars. Plus, I love the box design!

Do you subscribe to Birchbox? If so, how did you like this month’s box? Anyone with the same products? Let me know in the comments!

100 Followers Post: Tips on Blogging

Hey everyone!

First of all, I want to thank you for 100 followers! I always do a special, out-of-the-ordinary post for each milestone: 50, 100, 200, and so on. For this post, I’m going to share some blogging tips with you! Before you say, “having 100 followers isn’t enough to have much blogging experience,” let me fill you in on a little more background. I’ve actually had a blog before. Last year, I started a beauty blog on and in only a month or two, I ended up with no followers, few readers, 2 comments, and plenty of spam. Eventually I found WordPress, and immediately loved it. I gained readers, followers, likes, and comments much more quickly, and WordPress filtered out my spam. I highly recommend WordPress to anyone who doesn’t know what platform they want to use! I know that compared to the thousands of followers that accomplished beauty bloggers have, 100 is a very small number, but it’s a milestone for me and I’ve learned a lot, so I wanted to share some pointers with you that I’ve found really helpful. Before I begin, I just want to thank all the other beauty bloggers who have shared their blogging tips with me. They definitely made a difference on how I wrote my blog πŸ™‚

Tip No. 1:

RESPOND TO COMMENTS. This is my number one tip because I think it matters the very most. I’ve read it on many other blogs as well: if you respond to comments, people come back. It really makes a huge difference! Also, reply kindly. If you’re friendly and respectful, people are more inclined to like you and come back to your website. Invite comments. Ask people their opinions on products and tell them yours. Thank them for reading. Make them feel appreciated. At the end of nearly every one of my posts, I ask a few questions: have you tried this? Do you like it? What is your favorite? If you don’t like it, why not? Questions like these prompt responses. Having trouble getting comments? Make up your own questions at the end of your posts! I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the increase in comments πŸ™‚ In short, ALWAYS reply to comments, ALWAYS reply kindly, and ALWAYS make them your first priority (meaning reply thoughtfully, answer their questions, and reply within a day or two, preferably). If you didn’t have people reading, your website wouldn’t have traffic, and therefore it wouldn’t be noticed… so remember to appreciate your readers/followers.

Tip No. 2:

Again, a blog etiquette tip: always credit anyone you quote or take photos from. If you can’t remember who it was or are giving a general opinion (like reviews from Sephora), still be sure not to claim ownership! If you are respectful of other bloggers’ property, they’ll like to work with you and you may make some friends in the meantime! A simple link back to their blog or post will do the trick. If you’re unsure if they’re okay with you quoting them, comment on their post or contact them personally and ask if you can quote them on your blog. Respect goes a long way, trust me!

Tip No. 3:

Promote in a non-aggressive way. I understand that you need more traffic! So you decide to comment on a blog post. But when you leave two words and your blog address, a follow-for-a-follow comment, or a simple, spammy, “check out my blog at…” without a serious comment, you will either be ignored, unfollowed, or people just won’t like you. As I have heard several other bloggers say, TAKE THE TIME TO READ THEIR POST before leaving a comment. Don’t just comment on any post you see, comment on posts that interest you so that you can leave a kind, serious comment or question. Leave a nice comment, 2-3 sentences at least. Ask questions and say what you thought of the post. Then, can you write your blog/social media address and an invitation to look at it. Just remember, respecting others will gain you friends and longtime, serious followers, which is worth much more than a bunch of follow-for-a-follow visitors…and you won’t end up with a list of blogs you are following for no reason!

A Few Last Tips:

Teach people something. Engage them with a poll or comment questions. Do research for people if they ask: I’ve had multiple commenters ask me where to purchase something, if a product was similar to another, etc., and taking the time to look up websites, test things out, or ask other people how something really makes a difference in how people will treat you in the future. If people find you helpful, they’re more likely to comment again and tell their friends about your website! Share your favorites and least favorites. Ask other people theirs. Enjoy writing your blog and enjoy reading others’! Most of all, if you want traffic, be the kind of person and writer that you’d like to interact with. Be helpful, kind, thoughtful, and engaging.

That’s all for this post! Good luck, and remember that I’m always happy to look at your website or answer any questions you have πŸ™‚

What are your personal blogging tips? Did this help you out? Let me know in the comments!

P.S. – Keep an eye out for my January Favorites and January Birchbox posts πŸ™‚