Birchbox Vs. Ipsy (Plus Referral Links)

Ahh, subscription boxes. Workout clothes, pet treats, chocolate – there seems to be no end to the possibilities for subscription boxes. But when I heard about all the subscription boxes out there, the two that caught my eye were Birchbox and Ipsy. Here’s a little rundown of what they are (and some differences between the two [that I’ve read from other bloggers]):

Both are $10 per month and include 4-5 samples. Both require you to fill out a profile that explains your hair type, skin tone, etc. so as to give you your desired products each month!

Ipsy comes with a small cosmetic bag and ships around the middle of the month. Ipsy is mostly makeup, but has some hair products and other items (nail polishes, fragrance, etc.) as well. Ipsy sends out sample size and full size, and the full size products are sent out quite frequently. Ipsy sends out some high-end products but generally sends middle-of-the-road products (not high end, not low end). Ipsy is generally quite high in value ($50) but can be low in quality. Ipsy has a waiting list because it is so popular! Ipsy’s point system is okay, you exchange the points for products (that can run out quickly!) as opposed to Birchbox, which exchanges points for cash.

Birchbox comes in a small, patterned box and ships by the 10th of the month (if you order Birchbox Man, it ships by the 25th). Birchbox sends out skincare products, as well as makeup, hair products, fragrances, nail polishes, and lifestyle items (such as a hairtie or chocolate). Birchbox rarely sends full size items, but sometimes sends deluxe size items or single use packets (foils) as long as you select the “Yes, I want to receive foils” option on their site. They are free extra samples – you don’t pay extra!  Birchbox also allows subscribers to choose one of the samples in their box. Birchbox sends out high-end products but their sizes are smaller, so their boxes tend to be lower in monetary value than Ipsy. Birchbox’s point system is fantastic – the points change to cash that you can spend on their site.

I’ve heard that Ipsy is good for beginners to makeup – people who want to build their stash and try products they can actually afford. Birchbox, on the other hand, is better for those who want the chance to try higher end brands and sample some skincare products. As I said earlier, both boxes have point systems, and you can earn points by writing reviews on the products you receive and referring friends.

Both sites have excellent customer service and respond quickly.

Birchbox referral link: this will get you $5 off your first box and send me $5 to send in the shop. A win-win!

Ipsy referral link: this may not work unless you are on my Pinterest, I’m not sure…give it a try or go to my Pinterest page and click on my Ipsy pin. It will give me 250 points in the shop!

Unfortunately, both sites have point systems that expire your points after a year 😦

I decided to try both boxes and see how I like them. My Birchbox is on its way and I will write reviews on all the products once I receive them! My Ipsy is coming later this month, and I will write a post about the Ipsy products once I get them, as well.

Have you tried any subscription boxes like Birchbox or Ipsy? What boxes are your favorite? Did this post help you out? Let me know in the comments!




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