The Perfect Red Lip

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Top Left: Chapstick, Middle Left: Red Lips + Concealer, Bottom Left: All Done! Right: NARS Lip Pencil in Cruella

It’s no secret that I love lipstick. Berry is my favorite, but I love pink, peach, red… I decided to do a quick tutorial on applying lipstick (any color!) and then, because red lips are gorgeous but hard to pull off, an easy how-to on picking the right red lipstick for your skin tone.

How to Apply Lipstick…& Make It Look Good:

  1. Be sure your lips are well moisturized, and if they’re not, go with a light lip gloss or au naturale. Dry, flaky lips coated with lipstick don’t look good on anyone 😦
  2. Prime your lips with a lip primer or lip balm, and if needed, exfoliate.
  3. Apply lip liner if desired. (MAKEUP ARTIST TIP: Apply liner all over your lips. This way, if your lipstick wears off, you’ll have an even lip color, not just an outline!)
  4. Apply your lipstick. If you want it to be matte and longlasting, use a tissue, place it over your lips, brush translucent powder over top, and apply another coat of lipstick.
  5. Fix any mistakes with a Q-Tip and makeup remover, then trace the outside of your lips with concealer to make sure your lip line looks even.
  6. I recommend NOT overdrawing with the lipstick and liner, unless you’re really, really good at it, because it is hard to pull off without looking REALLY fake.
  7. Highlight your cupid’s bow if desired.

Now how do you find the perfect lipstick for your skintone? Simple. Look at the underside of your wrists. If the veins are blue, you’re cool-toned. If they’re green, you’re warm-toned. If they’re a mix of both, you’re neutral-toned. (I’m going to refer to them as CT, WT, & NT for ease) CT women need blue-based reds. (what’s blue-based, you ask? You’ll know it when you see it! They’re deeper and lean more toward more purple than orange. A LOT of the lipstick out there is orange based. But if you’re determined, scouring the lipstick section will most likely turn up a lovely, blue-based red.) This does not mean you need berry lipstick. Blue-based reds are just slightly deeper and have a more berry-like tone than an orange, fire-engine red tone. WT women need those orange based reds. Lucky for you, there are a lot of them out there! You’ll also know them when you see them – they have a distict orange hue to them and tend to be more bright than blue-based reds. NT women need that perfect middle-ground. “True reds,” as they’re called, are that perfect red that’s not too orange and not too blue. They’re probably what you think of when you think of red lipstick. Beware, however, of going too orange. Just look for a true, candy-apple-red lipstick and you’ll be good to go!


P.S. –  The red lipstick I am wearing in the picture is NARS Lip Pencil in Cruella. I love this color, and it looks different on everyone. I read another blog post on this pencil and the lipstick looked much more warm-toned on her! It definitely doesn’t on me. It’s a perfect red for fall and winter!


Do you wear red lipstick often? What are your tips for perfect lipstick? Did this post help you out? Let me know in the comments!


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