Facial Redness? Here’s How To Conceal It!

Especially in wintertime, when the wind and cold, dry air upsets everyone’s skin, redness can be a serious problem. I have redness in my skin all year long, but it can get worse in winter. Whether your redness is caused by the cold weather or something else, it’s typically hard to conceal. I am always on the lookout for a product that stays true to its “redness reducing” claim, so I purchased the ELF tone adjusting green primer in hopes it would conceal a little bit of my redness. I love the primer, don’t get me wrong (I’ll write a review on it soon!) but it really doesn’t do anything to my redness. However, I mixed it with two products I already had, and it turned out to conceal my redness just how I wanted it! Here are the products:

Maybelline’s Master Prime (in green)
Physician’s Formula Conceal Rx (in soft green)
ELF Tone Adjusting Green primer

Mix all three together till you have a smooth, light green cream. Spread on your face and apply foundation over top. If you have rosacea or another heavy redness, add more concealer to the mix. If your foundation needs a little more help spreading over your face, add a little more primer. Adjust it until you get your desired coverage. You won’t be able to see the green through the foundation (as long as it gets blended in). I’m sure you could substitute a different green concealer or leave out the Maybelline primer if you own different products than those listed above. If you have acne spots after foundation, apply just the green concealer on the spots, blend gently, then apply your regular concealer over the top.

I hope this works as well for you as it does for me!

What do you do to conceal your redness? Did this routine help you out? Let me know in the comments!


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