Why You Need A Flat-Top Buffing Brush Right Now

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This is how much product should be on your brush!

I’ve gone through a lot of different foundation application methods. I own a large sponge (similar to a beauty blender), a flat foundation brush, a buffing brush, little wedge sponges… All of them have their place, but since it’s winter now, I’m switching over to matte foundation, and some of the above brushes and sponges don’t work so well. Matte foundation is hard to apply and it’s especially hard to make it look good. Recently, however, I found out a perfect matte foundation routine – and it involves buffing brushes. Here’s what I do:

1. Prime, prime, prime! I use a concoction of primers customized for my skin. Be sure to prime your undereyes, too!
2. Pump or pour foundation onto the back of your hand and mix in anything extra (you can add illuminators, primers, BB creams, or other foundations to make your foundation how you like it).
3. Dip a flat-top buffing brush in the foundation, but make sure that there isn’t much product on the brush. It should be a very light coat over the top of the brush. You don’t want too much on the brush, or it will become cakey.
4. Buff onto your face in circular motions until you reach desired coverage. You probably will need to reapply foundation to the brush two or three times to cover the face.
5. If needed, smooth any lines or cakiness with a sponge.
6. Apply concealer to undereyes and blemishes with your fingertips (the ring finger is the best to blend with!).
7. Apply powder and blush (you can use highlighter and bronzer, too, if you like).
8. Finish with setting spray.

This method will give you natural-but-flawless coverage that is on the fuller end of medium. I’m especially pleased with it when I use my redness-concealing routine first (check out my Facial Redness Concealing post if you want more information!). Be sure not to start with too much product on the brush, or you will end up with cakey foundation!

How do you apply foundation? Did this tutorial work for you? Let me know in the comments!


4 thoughts on “Why You Need A Flat-Top Buffing Brush Right Now

    • This is going to sound ridiculous, but I got mine at Forever 21 and absolutely love it. I picked it up on a whim, but the bristles are so soft and it blends so well! I’m sure that you could find a good brush at Sephora, but if you want a deal, go with ELF, Forever 21, or Icing (an offshoot of Claire’s, which apparently has good makeup brushes). Hope this helped, thanks for reading!

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