Black Lipstick: Trash or Treasure?

I’m all for dark lipsticks, especially for fall. Black lipstick, however, is a little different. Black lipstick can be either trendy or tacky, depending on where you wear it and how it’s worn. Some girls wear it a lot, others save the black lipstick for Halloween. But even if you look fantastic in it, as a general rule, black lipstick for a costume or party is great, and black lipstick for work is not. So is black lipstick a waste of money? NO! You can blend it with any other lipstick color to make it a little darker. You don’t need a high-end brand (like Make Up For Ever), just pick up an ELF or Wet ‘n Wild black lipstick. It’ll do the same job if you’re just trying to make other lipsticks darker. Here’s how to do it: layer lip balm, a (light!) layer of black lipstick, a layer of regular lipstick, and blend, blend, blend. Instant customized color! I’m so glad I have black lipstick now, it’s fantastic to make some of my too-light lipsticks darker, and it’s a great investment for fall/winter, when I tend to wear darker lipsticks. I even made one of my bright pink lipsticks into a pretty mauve!

Happy blending!

Do you own black lipstick? How do you wear it? Did this tip help you out? Let me know in the comments!


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