Problems With Your Skin? This Could Be Why.

I have dry skin, but can I break out easily if something irritates my skin. After going back and forth between multiple skincare products, I learned what ingredients were best for your skin from one of my makeup books (by Jemma Kidd) – and it has transformed my skincare routine! Here are a few tips and some information so that you won’t buy the wrong product.

  1. Read the label! Look for bad and good ingredients, so that you can decide what product is best for you.
  2. Avoid alcohol like the plague. It is horribly drying to your skin and can wreak havoc, especially in wintertime.
  3. Search for ingredients like hyaluronic acid in moisturizer and shea butter or jojoba oil in lip balm. Ingredients like these actually keep in moisture instead of layering a film on top of your skin and lips – and drying them out in the long run.
  4. NO SOAP in face wash and definitely no washing your face with bar soap! It dries out your skin. Instead, look for face washes that say “No Soap” on the front (they’re not that hard to find).
  5. Remember, even if you have oily skin, this is still extremely important! Oily skin is actually dehydrated skin, it looks and feels oily because your skin is overcompensating for the lack of oil. Keep your skin hydrated and the oiliness should be reduced!

What products do you swear by to keep skin healthy and smooth? Did these tips help you out? Let me know in the comments!



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