Why I’m Cancelling Ipsy

So, I just did a review on my Birchbox, and I still haven’t received my Ipsy bag. It’s taking far too long. My first bag got lost and now I am being sent a different bag that probably will not come for a few more weeks. Ipsy is nice for those of us who love makeup and affordable brands, but it just isn’t right for me. I want high end brands (like Birchbox supplies) and I love the idea of a lovely patterned box coming in the mail – a makeup bag each month can get old. Birchbox seems so much more sophisticated, and I am missing that with Ipsy. I cancelled Ipsy today (hopefully my Ipsy bag will still come in the mail), and I’m not disappointed at all, I’d rather spend my money on Birchbox.

Do you subscribe to Ipsy or Birchbox? Which do you like better, and why? Let me know in the comments!




8 thoughts on “Why I’m Cancelling Ipsy

  1. I used to have ipsy and also cancelled. I am now subscribed to Boxycharm and have been very pleased with the full size products from low to high end products the box has a great variety. The only thing I am not liking is their online shop, I can’t redeem my points due to their online shop is always out of stock. I emailed them about a week ago regarding this and have not gotten a response.


  2. I cancelled my ipsy subscription a while ago as well. I was just more dissatisfied than I was ever actually satisfied with the products. And now I’m left with a bunch of makeup bags! Some I actually use, but most are just stacked in a pile in my closet. Lol


  3. I cancelled my Ipsy subscription after receiving a bag with three items I could have bought at Target. The fun of subscription boxes to me is getting samples of stuff you wouldn’t necessarily buy because of the price. I’m now subscribed to Birchbox and am MUCH happier, especially when their point system translating to discounts.


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