Product Review: Essence Nude Lipstick in Come Naturally (03)

I have been looking for the perfect nude lipstick for a very long time. Because I’m so pale, light nude lipsticks wash me out. I have an old Essence lipstick (I believe it’s Nude Love) and it makes me look awful. Corpse like. It’s horribleIt’s not the lipstick’s fault, but it’s definitely the wrong color on me, considering I’m about the same shade as the lipstick 😛 I had to go to town today, and when I stopped at the store, this lipstick caught my eye. I had been looking at Essence’s nude lipsticks, but I didn’t know which color I wanted to try. This is one of the two darker shades in the I Love Nude line, and it’s just what I’ve been looking for! It’s a perfect cross between mauve, rose, and pink – it gives that pretty no-makeup look with just a bit of fun and sophistication. It’s inexpensive ($2-$3) and really smooth. It has a super creamy satin finish, and the color is so natural. I definitely recommend for my fellow fair-skinned ladies! I’d actually been looking for the perfect mauve lipstick after seeing Paget Brewster as Emily Prentiss in Criminal Minds…her lipstick is so pretty! P.S. – You should watch Criminal Minds, it’s awesome 🙂

This lipstick totally satisfied me. If you apply it alone, you get a light mauve-y pink, like above, but if I want a slightly darker mauve like Paget, I like to blend it with LOC’s lipstick in Glam Life. I love to wear this combination with a gray smoky eye. Check out my tutorial here!

Do you wear nude lipstick? What’s your favorite nude lipstick? Have you tried this brand or product before? If so, how did you like it? Let me know in the comments!


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