Look: Classic Smoky Eyes

I’ve done smoky eyes for years, but never in gray and black. I usually use brown or cranberry, just because I thought that gray and black would look too harsh. However, I recently found out just what I was missing! Here’s an easy tutorial on how to acheive that classic smoky eye – but a scaled-down, less harsh smoky eye. There’s no tightlining, cateyes, or thick black eyeliner. Just a soft gray, black, and silver smoky eye that looks especially good with green or blue eyes. Read on for the tutorial!

  1. Prime your entire eyelid. You know this already!
  2. Apply a champagne cream shadow on your lid and on the inner corner of your eye. I use Maybelline’s Barely Branded. This helps the powder shadow attach to the lid better, creating less fallout, and it acts as a highlighter for your eyes’ inner corners as well.
  3. Brush on a shimmery silver shadow on your lid.
  4. Apply a medium gray shadow on your lid. Using an angled brush, apply the same shadow (as far as you wish) on your lower lash line. I applied it on the outer third of my eye.
  5. Use a shimmery or matte (whichever you like) black shadow in your crease and outer third of your eye. Smudge the gray and black shadows out and up (towards your eyebrow and temple) in a slight oval or cat-eye shape to make the look more smoky.
  6. Clean up any mistakes with makeup remover, then curl your eyelashes and apply plenty of extra black waterproof mascara.
  7. Finish your makeup with matte foundation, pink, peach, or mauve powder blush, and apply demi-matte mauve or berry lipstick (avoid red unless you’re going for full glam). I use Essence’s Come Naturally lipstick and blend it with LOC’s Glam Life to get a berry/mauve color. Check out my review on the Essence lipstick here.
  8. Loose, messy waves would look fantastic with this. If you’re going more casual, a high ponytail with a teased crown looks casual but chic.

How do you like this look? Do you wear smoky eyes often? If not, did this tutorial help you out? Let me know in the comments!


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