Sampling Etiquette RANT!

Hi all,

Quick disclaimer before we get started…this is a rant about people who abuse free sample policies. If you agree with me, I’d love to hear your thoughts! If you don’t, please don’t leave any nasty comments. Thank you!

Okay, so let’s begin with the inncocent part of getting free samples…honest hoarding. Places like Birchbox, Sephora, and Ulta all offer free samples when you order or buy a certain amount of products, and (don’t lie to yourself) we all want to hoard the samples. 🙂 They’re usually high-end, we don’t have to pay for them, and they’re so cute and tiny. Whether it’s foundation, perfume, or lipstick, we usually aren’t willing to cough up $80 for perfume or $60 for foundation, so we hoard the samples. This is totally okay…IF you get them online when you spend a certain amount of money, or ask for a sample in-store when you’re planning to buy a full-size. Hey, I like to hoard my free samples, too. It can become wrong, however, if you abuse the sample policies. Basically, it can become borderline stealing. Let me explain why…

Sephora technically is required to give you 3 samples from each world (fragrance, skincare, and color [Thanks to this Buzzfeed article for the information]). Picture this scene:

You walk into Sephora, demand your 9 samples, and walk out. You use these samples, but they’re tiny, so the next week, you waltz back in, get your 9 samples, and walk out.

You are being a jerk. This is not okay! I have three foundations I’d like to try out, and the lighting at Sephora is horrible (anyone with me here??), so I’ll probably go in there and ask for three foundation samples, and then see which one I like. You see, if you go into Sephora planning on purchasing a full size of your samples (whether it’s a perfume or a primer) sometime in the near future, that’s okay. Please buy something, though. It can be a $4 face mask – but it’s something. That’s telling the Sephora employees that you care enough about them to purchase something – even just a little face mask – (and not just walk out with a bagful of samples) and that you’ll probably be back in to buy a full size. Please, PLEASE do not ask for samples unless you’re considering buying the full size. If you keep asking for the samples and don’t buy anything, you’re basically stealing. DON’T DO IT!

Anyway, that’s my rant. Comment if you agree with me! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Sampling Etiquette RANT!

  1. I used to hoard samples. I received them with purchases but I never used them. They went into the ‘sample box’ to be used at a later date and I never got to actually use them. Now I just use them asap or keep some in my purse because it’s easier than carrying the full sized products.
    I can’t relate to what you wrote though. In my country the Sephora ladies don’t give samples even if you ask for them- they just keep the samples for themselves which is awful.


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