12 Days of Christmas Posts

Hi all,

A special thanks to Amber from What Makes Me Amber, who tagged me to continue a 12 Days of Christmas Blogging challenge! I am doing that now, however, I wanted to put my own spin on it, and make it fit a little better in my blog, so I am doing 7 of my own posts, and 5 of the challenge’s suggestions. Let me tell you how this is going to go:

Day 1: List Your Favorite Things About Christmas

Day 2: Easy & Glamorous Christmas Makeup

Day 3: 40 Questions About My Beauty Routine & Preferences

Day 4: Christmas/Winter Nails for Every Budget

Day 5: My Personal Wish List This Year

Day 6: How to Save Money & Still Give Great Gifts

Day 7: Christmas Outfit Ideas For Any Occasion

Day 8: Favorite Christmas Recipe or Food

Day 9: Ideas for Thoughtful Presents for Everyone on Your List

Day 10: Favorite Christmas Movie or Song

Day 11: What Was Your Favorite Childhood Christmas Present?

Day 12: Special Christmas Poll

I may not be able to post every day, but I will do my best. Hope you all enjoy my special Christmas posts! I’m not going to tag anyone else, but if you decide you’d like to participate, feel free to comment and tell me so! Here is the full challenge – use these post ideas or make your own!



Will you do a 12 Days of Christmas Post Series? If so, will you use the above suggestions or make up your own? How do you like my post ideas? Let me know in the comments!








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