November Ipsy Bag Review

photo 3 (13)

My experience with Ipsy has been crazy. My bag got shipped late. Then, after over 10 days, my tracking didn’t update. I contacted ipsyCare and they said they’d send me a replacement bag. Unfortunately, that bag never got sent. Suddenly, my first Ipsy bag arrived in the mail a few days ago. I’ve already cancelled, so I thankfully will not have to deal with this again! My main problem, though, is the fact that I got my Ipsy bag shockingly late. It didn’t arrive until DECEMBER! I was also disappointed to see that my primer had a hole in it and had leaked all over my bag, so I contacted Ipsy and they said they would send me a new one. Props to the customer service, but hey, the packages should be protected better. Anyway, on to the review!


photo 4 (11).JPG

This is a nice bag, the print is pretty and it seems to hold up well. Of course, it’s not a very large bag, but it will be nice to keep a few cosmetics in a car or purse.


This is a nice, shimmery cream highlighter/bronzer/blush product. It’s a little too shimmery for my taste, but I like to mix it with lotion to make a light highlighter. It tends to sink into pores or have trouble blending because it is thick, so I recommend mixing it with something else to blend it on. 7/10 stars.

photo 2 (18).JPG

This is a pretty good blush brush. I like the style and color of it, but I prefer my own angled blush brush better. This is not angled, which is why I don’t like it as well. It’s a nice size, however, and the bristles are soft. 6.5/10 stars.

photo 4 (10).JPG

Oh my goodness, this is a fantastic felt-tip liner. It removes easily but doesn’t smudge (at least when I swatched it). It’s super, super pigmented and is extremely thin, so it’s perfect for cat-eyes. The only problem is the fact that I don’t use this type of eyeliner much, unless I’m doing tutorials. Oh well. It’ll get plenty of use in my makeup tutorials. 8/10 stars.

photo 5 (9).JPG

YES! A WONDERFUL NON-WATERPROOF MASCARA, FINALLY! I only wear waterproof mascara, because I hate worrying about smudges, but this mascara is amazing. It hasn’t smudged so far, and, it sounds weird, but the formula & brush are so soft and comfortable. Sometimes, mascara formulas burn my eyes when I apply them, but this doesn’t at all. It gives me natural-but-better looking lashes, and I love it. 9/10 stars.

photo 3 (12).JPG

This is okay. I like it because it mattifies well and smells delicious, but I have dry skin, so this won’t get too much use. Plus, it spilled all over my bag, so I don’t have much left in it. I will probably use it for special occasions, though. 6/10 stars.

Overall, this bag was pretty good. Only one thing was super spectacular, and that was the tiny sample size mascara. I guess high end brands pay off! I’d rate the bag a 7.5/10 stars, which is disappointing compared to my Birchbox, which was a 9/10 stars!

Do you subscribe to Ipsy? How did you like your November bag? Did you get any of these products? Let me know in the comments!



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