Black Friday Purchase: Victoria’s Secret Fragrance Mists

So, my Black Friday post is just a bit late…but I just had to review these two fragrances. I was online shopping on Black Friday – I didn’t even go to an actual store – and the Victoria’s Secret fragrance sale caught my eye. The tiny, $10 mists were $5, and the larger, $18 mists were $9. Since I’d never tried either of the mists I picked, I went with the smaller size. Before I get into the review, I’ll give you a little more background into my fragrance obsession – I LOVE trying anything that has to do with scent. Parfum, toilette, body mists – anything. I’m game to try any scent, but I’m very picky about what I’ll wear again. I love fruity scents, especially citrus or peach. I like some florals, but not rose. I like amber better than musk, but I will wear musk if it’s toned down. I love vanilla scents but it can’t be too sweet. I have 3 different fragrance styles, which change by mood, season, or occasion:

  • sweet with an edge, which is great for everyday wear but isn’t boring
  • warm and cozy, which could be worn for a date night or while wearing a sweater and drinking a cup of tea
  • fresh and clean, either a just-got-out-of-the-shower scent or a beachy, natural, chic scent

As for spring and summer, I tend to gravitate toward citrusy, light scents, but for autumn and winter, I love to wear vanilla-y, warm scents. Being late December, the descriptions of these two mists caught my eye:

Passion Struck: Fuji Apple & Vanilla Orchid

Passion Struck Flirt: Nectarine & Sensual Amber

Unfortunately, Passion Struck Flirt is unavailable on the Victoria’s Secret website at the moment, but you can purchase it on Amazon. On to the review!

photo 1 (22).JPG

Passion Struck: Fuji Apple & Vanilla Orchid

This scent is amazing! As the reviews on the VS website say, it definitely is heavier on vanilla than orchid. I wasn’t quite sure how I’d like this spray, since I didn’t want a super sweet scent, but this is so unique that I love it. On my skin, it has faint notes of cologne. Now, I may be strange, but I love cologne. I think it smells so good, but I don’t wear it because I don’t particularly want to smell like a man. However, I was so, so pleased to find that this perfume combines the sweet, chic smell of women’s fragrance with the warm, deep, clean scent of men’s cologne. I absolutely love this fragrance and think it would even be appropriate for any season, though especially in fall and winter.

Passion Struck Flirt: Nectarine & Sensual Amber

I absolutely adore this. It’s definitely a wintery scent, but that’s okay, because it’s winter right now 🙂 It’s warm, sweet, and soft, without being too heavy or musky. It’s not an grandma scent, a candy-sweet, middle-schooler scent, nor an overly harsh, deep scent. It’s light enough for teenagers and sophisticated enough for older women. It’s so chic and makes me so happy every time I wear it. I love the coziness of it – it makes you want to snuggle up in a warm sweater with a book and a cup of tea!

Overall, I love both of these fragrances equally! I highly recommend both of these scents for anyone who likes warm, soft, cozy scents, or sweet, cologne-y fragrances.

Have you tried either of these fragrances? What is your favorite VS fragrance? Let me know in the comments!



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