Birchbox Haul With Reviews and Swatches!

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I finally decided to cave and purchase 2 cult favorites – a bronzer and makeup blending sponge – Benefit Hoola and the beautyblender. The reason why? Birchbox had a fantastic deal on the beautyblender – it’s called a ‘Complexion Perfection Sampler’ and comes with a beautyblender and 4 extra products…all for the $20 price of a beautyblender! I’ve also been dying to try the Benefit Hoola bronzer, as it is a favorite among many YouTubers with fair skin and has fantastic reviews. (The second picture below (on the right) is my free sample pack, which I will give a quick review on as well.) Read on for reviews and swatches!

Benefit Hoola Bronzer Review:

9/10 stars. THIS BRONZER IS AMAZING. AMAZING. Did I say AMAZING?! I cannot say enough about this one. All the bronzers I’ve had are so orange, and when I try to contour with them, all I get is an unnatural, rusty streak. This bronzer blends beautifully, is a nice size, comes with a brush (that really isn’t half bad!) and is ultra-pigmented. I mean it when I say it’s ultra pigmented. Like, you sweep your brush across it once and you will have to tap it off – or get stuck with a severely-bronzed face. For beginners, probably not the best idea. You can go crazy quite easily. For anyone who has contoured or used bronzer before, this is a miracle product, because you won’t have to use much at all! Also, a big plus is that it’s matte – perfect for contouring! The brush is somewhat rough, but it’s great for brushing a line under your cheekbones and then blending it out with a softer, angled contour brush. The only downside is the price (about $28). I would definitely repurchase, if I ever ran out! This will definitely be a daily for me – it’s amazing! GO BUY IT NOW! (I don’t usually say that, but seriously, it’s wonderful.) Swatch at the end of the post!

Free Sample Pack Review:

6/10 stars. This sample pack comes free with any $35+ purchase when you add it to your cart. You can also purchase it for $10 on its own. I would not recommend spending $10, as you have no idea what you will get and it may not be worth $10. The first time I ordered from Birchbox, I got a 12 Benefits hairspray and a Jane Iredale Lip and Cheek Stain, and I love both. This time, I got a Jane Iredale Hand Drink and a Shea Terra Rose Hips Black Soap facial cleanser. The hand lotion will not get much use, as it smells a bit too much like rose for my liking…I’ll probably use it on my legs 😛 The soap is really nice. It really does seem to improve any pesky blemishes. I’ll definitely be using it. Overall, a nice pack, but definitely not worth $10. Great for free!

Complexion Perfection Sampler Review:


9/10 stars. The BEST deal for a beautyblender! I’ve been dying to try it and loved the idea of getting 4 other samples! First, I’ll review the samples. The Lighting Crew highlighter I got in my December Birchbox and love it, so I was very happy to get another one! Birchbox claims that it is a sample size, but it has the same ml as the full size, so I believe that this is the $18 full-size product! It is pretty shimmery, so I mix it with a CC cream and apply it to cheekbones, it gives this wonderful radiant glow, with minimal shimmer! The W3LL PEOPLE powder comes with quite a bit of product in the tiny sample size. It’s a lovely brightening translucent powder that just gives a bit of glow. I love it. The BB cream is a tad too dark for me, but mixed with lighter foundation, it works great. It has a little bit of gold shimemr, but nothing too obnoxious. The Porefessional is amazing. The consistency is so wonderful, and it comes with quite a bit of product for the small sample size, just like the powder. And as for the beautyblender, all I can say is YOU NEED THIS NOW. I will never go back to my drugstore sponges! This actually hides my redness (I’m so fair and have a bit of redness that comes through my skin, but it’s not on top of my skin like rosacea, so it’s hard to conceal) and applies foundation flawlessly. It covers blemishes like a dream – I have this horrible broken capillary on my cheek that won’t fully cover with anything, and the beautyblender applies my concealer to cover it perfectly. It’s so soft, applies with no streaks, looks natural, and gives the most amazing coverage (that you wouldn’t expect with a damp sponge!). I highly recommend giving it a try…I know that $20 seems crazy for a sponge, but it’s amazing. This set gives you extra samples plus a beautyblender for $20 ($50 value), so pick this up instead! Swatches below.

Now for swatches!


From bottom to top: Lighting Crew blended in, Lighting Crew swatched, Hoola bronzer, BB Cream swatched, BB Cream blended in

Have you tried any of these products? If so, how did you like them? Were you planning to purchase any of these soon? Did these reviews and swatches help you out? Let me know in the comments!



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