100 Followers Post: Tips on Blogging

Hey everyone!

First of all, I want to thank you for 100 followers! I always do a special, out-of-the-ordinary post for each milestone: 50, 100, 200, and so on. For this post, I’m going to share some blogging tips with you! Before you say, “having 100 followers isn’t enough to have much blogging experience,” let me fill you in on a little more background. I’ve actually had a blog before. Last year, I started a beauty blog on Blog.com and in only a month or two, I ended up with no followers, few readers, 2 comments, and plenty of spam. Eventually I found WordPress, and immediately loved it. I gained readers, followers, likes, and comments much more quickly, and WordPress filtered out my spam. I highly recommend WordPress to anyone who doesn’t know what platform they want to use! I know that compared to the thousands of followers that accomplished beauty bloggers have, 100 is a very small number, but it’s a milestone for me and I’ve learned a lot, so I wanted to share some pointers with you that I’ve found really helpful. Before I begin, I just want to thank all the other beauty bloggers who have shared their blogging tips with me. They definitely made a difference on how I wrote my blog 🙂

Tip No. 1:

RESPOND TO COMMENTS. This is my number one tip because I think it matters the very most. I’ve read it on many other blogs as well: if you respond to comments, people come back. It really makes a huge difference! Also, reply kindly. If you’re friendly and respectful, people are more inclined to like you and come back to your website. Invite comments. Ask people their opinions on products and tell them yours. Thank them for reading. Make them feel appreciated. At the end of nearly every one of my posts, I ask a few questions: have you tried this? Do you like it? What is your favorite? If you don’t like it, why not? Questions like these prompt responses. Having trouble getting comments? Make up your own questions at the end of your posts! I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the increase in comments 🙂 In short, ALWAYS reply to comments, ALWAYS reply kindly, and ALWAYS make them your first priority (meaning reply thoughtfully, answer their questions, and reply within a day or two, preferably). If you didn’t have people reading, your website wouldn’t have traffic, and therefore it wouldn’t be noticed… so remember to appreciate your readers/followers.

Tip No. 2:

Again, a blog etiquette tip: always credit anyone you quote or take photos from. If you can’t remember who it was or are giving a general opinion (like reviews from Sephora), still be sure not to claim ownership! If you are respectful of other bloggers’ property, they’ll like to work with you and you may make some friends in the meantime! A simple link back to their blog or post will do the trick. If you’re unsure if they’re okay with you quoting them, comment on their post or contact them personally and ask if you can quote them on your blog. Respect goes a long way, trust me!

Tip No. 3:

Promote in a non-aggressive way. I understand that you need more traffic! So you decide to comment on a blog post. But when you leave two words and your blog address, a follow-for-a-follow comment, or a simple, spammy, “check out my blog at…” without a serious comment, you will either be ignored, unfollowed, or people just won’t like you. As I have heard several other bloggers say, TAKE THE TIME TO READ THEIR POST before leaving a comment. Don’t just comment on any post you see, comment on posts that interest you so that you can leave a kind, serious comment or question. Leave a nice comment, 2-3 sentences at least. Ask questions and say what you thought of the post. Then, can you write your blog/social media address and an invitation to look at it. Just remember, respecting others will gain you friends and longtime, serious followers, which is worth much more than a bunch of follow-for-a-follow visitors…and you won’t end up with a list of blogs you are following for no reason!

A Few Last Tips:

Teach people something. Engage them with a poll or comment questions. Do research for people if they ask: I’ve had multiple commenters ask me where to purchase something, if a product was similar to another, etc., and taking the time to look up websites, test things out, or ask other people how something really makes a difference in how people will treat you in the future. If people find you helpful, they’re more likely to comment again and tell their friends about your website! Share your favorites and least favorites. Ask other people theirs. Enjoy writing your blog and enjoy reading others’! Most of all, if you want traffic, be the kind of person and writer that you’d like to interact with. Be helpful, kind, thoughtful, and engaging.

That’s all for this post! Good luck, and remember that I’m always happy to look at your website or answer any questions you have 🙂

What are your personal blogging tips? Did this help you out? Let me know in the comments!

P.S. – Keep an eye out for my January Favorites and January Birchbox posts 🙂

6 thoughts on “100 Followers Post: Tips on Blogging

  1. First, CONGRATS on this milestone!! 🎂 I think that the 100 mark is a big deal and don’t let anyone take this joyful moment away from you! 💕 Secondly, these are good tips! I find that tip 3 is very important. I also ignore any comments that start with a request to follow and nothing in regards to the post I posted. Keep doing what you are doing. 😘

    Kianny Elizabeth


  2. This is certainly helpful! I just started blogging last month and I’m still kind of clueless on some parts of blogging. I’ll keep them in mind. Thanks and congratulations on your milestone! ☺


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