High End Makeup Review: theBalm CabanaBoy Blush

Hi everyone!

Ever since I got a sample of theBalm’s FratBoy in my November Birchbox, I was dying to try the other ‘Boy’ blushes. DownBoy was the one I was hoping to try next, but I just couldn’t bring myself to pay $21 for it. I was looking around Amazon the other day, though, and found that all three blushes were on sale, but only CabanaBoy was $12. I did a little happy dance, as I had been wanting to try CabanaBoy as well, ordered it soon after and it just arrived! I was a bit concerned that it might not be authentic (you never know ordering from Amazon) but I was very pleased to open my package and see that it seems to be the real deal! I wanted to share a quick review with you all because this blush IS worth it! Read on for photos, swatches, and more!

This is a very, very large product for the price – it’s typically around $21 (though I got mine for $12!) for 0.3 oz., while NARS blushes run about $30 for 0.16 oz. It’s a beautiful dusty rose/berry with the finest shimmer imaginable – it doesn’t look shimmery on the face, just glowy. You definitely don’t have to worry about glitter face with this one. This is extremely pigmented. I mean, extremely. I tap my brush in it and it is WAY too much. I have to literally tap my brush, shake it off, tap it on a towel, and then apply it to my face. Plus side? It’ll last me forever! I am very fair, however, so if you are darker-skinned, this will probably be perfect for you. I was a bit worried that it would turn out to be a bit too dark for my ghostly white skin, but I was pleasantly surprised that if you use a light hand, it looks really pretty, exactly like the color your cheeks turn when you actually blush. I have found that FratBoy is the same way, so theBalm seems to do a really great job with making natural-looking blushes! It blends in well as long as you apply translucent or regular powder before applying this. It also works well for a really easy contour – use a tiny bit of this under your cheekbones like bronzer to create a rosy shadow. But the amazing thing about this? All of theBalm’s blushes double as shadows, but this one REALLY looks fantastic as an eyeshadow. It gives the perfect rosy smoky eye that looks great on any skin tone. Seriously, one of the best blushes I’ve tried. I love Wet ‘n Wild’s purple ombre blush if I’m feeling trendy, but for a natural, rosy flush, this is perfect. Swatches below! The three finger picture was with one run through of the blush, and the arm swatch was with about 3. As you can see, it’s quite pigmented and has the tiniest amount of shimmer, though it just looks glowy on the skin.

You may want to purchase this if:

  • You are looking for a rosy, berry-toned, powder blush.This should work for almost all skintones, depending on how much or how little you put on.
  • You don’t necessarily want a matte blush. This reduces the need for highlighter, as it gives skin a radiance, which is a plus!
  • You want a high end product, but you want a good deal too.
  • You want a worthwhile blush that will work all year round – through fluctuating skintones, weather, and seasons.
  • You are okay with a cardboard, magnetic-closure package – this isn’t as sturdy as the NARS blushes, but it is pretty well packaged.

Overall, I highly recommend this blush. Perfectly natural and great for even very fair-skinned people like me! I love FratBoy as well, and I’m sure DownBoy is just as wonderful – so give one (or all three) of these blushes a try…I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

Have you tried this blush? If so, how did you like it? What’s your favorite blush? Do you prefer drugstore or high end blushes? What blush colors do you like the best? Let me know in the comments!



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